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Camps & Clinics

Infielders Camp

This is our signature camp exclusively created by Lou DiChiaro. It specializes in all aspects of infield work (1st base, middle infielder and 3rd base). This camp focuses on specific drills to teach proper footwork, correct approach to fielding ground balls with an emphasis on soft hands and proper throwing techniques. This camp is a must for any serious infielder!

Infield Camp

Hitting Camp

This camp focuses on proper hitting mechanics. We achieve this through tee work, front toss and live hitting [machine & live pitching]. The goal is for each hitter to have an understanding and feel of their swing and the ability to make adjustments. If you are looking for a lot of swings in the winter this camp hits the mark!

Monday Hit Night

Little League Camp

In this camp, we teach the basic fundamentals of the game. It is important to start on your skills early to develop good habits. We work on all aspects of the game from hitting, fielding, throwing, base running and sliding. Whether it's baseball or softball this camp will sharpen your skills and prepare you for the season!

Little League Camp (Jan - Feb)

Little League Camp (March)

Little League Camp Fall

Coaches Clinic

This clinic instructs the coaches. You will be taught proper techniques to teach in hitting, fielding and throwing. You will also learn how to run an effective practice. This clinic is a must for a new coach and a great refresher course for the experienced coach!

Coming Soon!!

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